Ugo 12 sterile drainable night drainage bag - 12/S/D/L - Box of 10

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The Ugo 12 2L Drainage Bags are made to meet your specific needs.

Sterile (individually pouch packaged)

Lever tap (continuous drainage for up to 7 days)

Can be attached directly to catheter or leg bag - Box storage


  • Features:
  • Boxes of 10 with user friendly instructions
  • Transparent universal stepped connector securely connects the bag to all indwelling catheter or leg bag outlet tube material
  • Reinforced eyelets keep the bag level when hung (works great with the Ugo Stand and Ugo Hanger)
  • Designed to achieve perfect kink free connection with Ugo Leg Bags for effective link drainage
  • Non-return valve stops urine going back up the drainage pipe
  • Needle-free sampling port for safe sample collection