Pedag Viva Orthotic

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  • The VIVA® foot support is the premium product of the Pedag brand. It has been developed and constantly improved with orthopaedists. Aching feet usually occur because of poor load distribution or bad posture.
  • The VIVA® foot support consists of a longitudinal arch support a metatarsal pad and a heel cushion.
  • VIVA® supports the foot in its natural movement this helps to prevent symptoms of fatigue and makes your feet stay healthy and pain-free.
  • The VIVA® foot support made of finest cowhide optimally adapts to the shape of your foot provides a perfect shoe climate and absorbs the moisture of the feet.
  • The highly effective filter made of activated carbon neutralises foot odours. Its slim design ensures that it will fit in to most shoes even relatively tight fitting ones.
  • We recommend airing the foot supports after taking off the shoes.
  • This provides optimal hygiene as the activated carbon filter can dry and regenerate - and your VIVA® foot supports will keep your feet fresh for a long time.
  • Available in sizes 35 - 51