Pedag Viva Mini Orthotic

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  • Every step you take produces impact shock waves that pass through your body but not every shoe has enough room for a comfortable foot support!
  • This special lightweight footbed is perfect for fashionable tight-fitting and even peep toe shoes.
  • VIVA Mini is an anatomically shaped 3/4 length foot support that incorporates a shock absorbing heel pad and cushions the foot.
  • It supports the longitudinal arch and keeps your foot in the anatomically correct position.
  • The metatarsal pad supports the transversal arch and prevents the formation of flat feet / splayfeet or alleviates pain if you are already suffering.
  • Additionally they are made of fine leather which regulates the temperature inside the shoe keeping your feet fresh.

Great because:

 Light and thin 3/4 insole fills up less of shoe
 Suitable to fit tight shoes and open-toed footwear
 Combats plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, weak arches, pronation and more
 Fine, temperature regulating leather for superior comfort