Clean Heels Heel stoppers

Clean Heels Heel Stoppers

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Stop heels sinking into grass and protect wooden floors with this Women's Everyday Accessory.

Ideal For: Weddings, going to the Races, at the Polo, give stability in heels, protect wooden floors, used at Stately Homes, gravel paths, cobbled stones, flooring on boats.

Clean Heels prevent women from sinking into soft ground when they walk in heels outdoors and protect the heels themselves from damage and dirt. They are used also to protect wooden floors such as at events at National Trust Venues.

Heel Stoppers will protect the heel of the shoe from damage and dirt and also stabilise the wearer. Clean Heels are a neat design using British made materials and made in the UK. Clean Heels are soft yet flexible so they provide enough support and are also easy to attach and remove!